As every teenager knows and most parents understand, the color choice for braces can represent the personality of a given braces wearer. Therefore, at Dr. George’s blog we wanted to provide parents with several rubber band color options that you may consider with your teenager before your next La Jolla braces appointment.

Solid Braces Colors

We provide an abundance of braces color choices, and the solid color braces are perfect for those that are having a difficult time deciding or that simply want to keep it simple.

Braces girlsmiling

Holiday Braces Colors

There is always a holiday around the corner, which can provide relevant inspiration to your festive teenager for holiday braces colors. For example, a mixture of green and yellow will keep your teenager from being pinched this St. Patrick’s Day.

st pattys_braces


Suit Your Mood

Ever played with a mood ring? Well, your teenager can have his/her braces rubber band color match the color of their mood ring on the morning before their appointment.


We encourage you and your teenager to have fun with the experience of having braces and experiment with a variety of creative braces colors!

For additional questions about La Jolla braces and color options please call Dr. George Georgaklis at (858) 552-1223 and visit our La Jolla Orthodontics office in San Diego.