Take Care of Mother and Baby

It is common knowledge that pregnant and nursing women need to be extremely careful with what they expose their bodies to during these periods. Many have discussed concerns over diets, alcohol, drugs, etc. However, many do not think of dentistry as having any potential dangers related to pregnancy. A recent article in the Journal of American Dental Association covered the topic of drug use for pregnant or breast feeding women and it stated that no drug is completely safe to be administered.

At our San Diego cosmetic and orthodontics dental practice, Dr. George takes care to only medicate when necessary and we always try and use biologically compatible and holistic materials wherever possible. We are happy to discuss any medications being recommended for treatment.

This does not mean that no drugs should ever be given to a pregnant or nursing woman, but it is a cautionary tale that flags a variety of drugs as either “absolutely not” or “only if necessary”. If by prescribing medication to a woman during the first trimester of pregnancy the dentist could accept the responsibility for any developmental problems in the child.

With the above warning provided, here is a list of some of the drugs that should be avoided or may be used when necessary. Feel free to consult your dentist on what drugs he/she plans to use during any treatment.

Drugs to be Avoided

Healthy PregnancyLocal Anesthetics

    – Articaine

    – Marcaine

    – Prilocaine

    – Tetracaine

Most anti-inflammatories



Drugs that are Safe (if necessary)

Local Anesthetics

    – Lidocaine

    – Tylenol


    – Amoxicillin

    – Zithromax

    – Cephalosperins

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