As you might expect it is incredibly important to keep your teeth and mouth clean while having your teeth straightened with braces. As a San Diego orthodontist, a common problem that I see is the build up of decalcified enamel, which can appear to be a white spot lesion on the tooth. These lesions can be particularly bothersome to those who recently had braces removed because the teeth can appear spotty and uneven in color.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to treat this problem. My first recommendation would be to work at preventing the problem before it starts. According to a recent article in Oral Health, 95% of patients develop at least one white spot lesion during orthodontic treatment, but discussions about oral hygiene during treatment helped reduce the occurrence of white spots. This study illustrates the importance of keeping your mouth clean throughout orthodontic treatment. Braces can be difficult to maintain, but simply by flossing and brushing regularly you are more likely to avoid white lesions.

In more severe cases, treatment options for white spots on teeth can include bonding and porcelain laminate placement depending on the magnitude of the problem.

In general, I work with my patients closely throughout the orthodontic treatment and monitor the cleanliness and health of their teeth. I strive to keep my patients informed and on-track when it comes to the proper care of their teeth, so that they can avoid complications such as white spot lesions.

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