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I want to personally thank you for the outstanding care you have provided to me over the past few weeks. Your clinical skills and eye for aesthetics are a rare combination. Long before I had the pleasure of becoming one of your patients, I had witnessed, first hand, the miraculous transformations you created in models and beauty pageant contestants. Most notably, not only did you make their smiles more beautiful, you helped to bring out the best in their personality by restoring their confidence.

Thank you and your staff for giving me the kind of care that makes going to the dentist a pleasurable experience.

Dr. Anthony Napoleon, Ph.D., ABMPP
As the Chief Concierge at a local 5 Star resort, I have to stand behind my referrals – especially when a guest is away from home and has a dental emergency. Dr. George’s experience gives him the ability to quickly diagnose and treat any dental problems that my guests encounter. They are always pleased that they have received expert dental care and friendly service.
Sarah Sbicca, Concierge at the Four Seasons
The purpose of this letter is to document what a good experience I had getting my orthodontic care from Dr. George Georgaklis. I first met Dr. George over 6 years ago when I saw an ad in the paper that said “straight teeth in six months.”

Being a physician myself, I was somewhat skeptical of this time frame, as I had delayed getting braces for many years just due to the time constraints and the cosmetic issues. When I met with Dr. George, he was kind, courteous, and extremely professional. He described his technique, provided literature, and immediately was able to build rapport with me regarding my concerns. He offered many different options for my orthodontic needs and was never pushy or abrupt. I asked for a list of references, mainly to research how close to the “six months” he had been in realigning many of his patients’ teeth. Much to my surprise, he was often times dead on with respect to the time line in most cases. I ended up getting braces through Dr. George and I am very satisfied with my result. Given my busy schedule due to my profession, I was concerned that an orthodontist would not be able to accommodate my needs regarding follow up. Dr. Geroge’s office was very helpful trying to work with my schedule to ensure that all of my follow up care was completed in a timely fashion. Further, if I had any questions or concerns, Dr. George did not hesitate to see me in the office. It is for these reasons that I have referred many patients to him- for general dentistry, general orthodontics, and also for patients who have had complex maxillofacial trauma and now need orthodontic work. Not only that, my own family also gets care from Dr. George’s office.

It is for these reasons that I give my full recommendation for Dr. George to anyone who is seeking excellent dental or orthodontic care. Based on my personal and professional experience, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Mir Wasif Ali, M.D., Department of Surgery, UCSD Medical Center
A colleague recommended Dr. George to us telling us he was a great keen dentist who could spot the problem and fix it well. His wife had gone to several doctors and attested that Dr. George was the best in town. So we tried it and we are still here.
Scott Martin
“I had gone to a dentist who would not tell me why my teeth were bleeding. The minute Dr. George saw my teeth he told me I needed two implants and informed me that the crowns the previous dentist installed were small! His diagnosis was clear, professional and succinct. He and his staff supported me during this process, calming my fears about the implant surgery and clarifying some myths about loosing teeth in old age. I was told I did not need to loose any if good care is consistent and properly done.

Every dental visit was followed up by a phone call to inquire on the experience and the health of my mouth. The professional and personal touch has been a driving force to not only undergo through 3 implants but get all the proper crowns I needed. Dr. George helped me prioritize my treatment so financially I could get complete dental care to my satisfaction. Time and money were financed properly and today I am glad I trusted him all the way!”

Jacqueline Jordan-Martin
Handwritten card to Dr George Georgaklis

Handwritten card to Dr George Georgaklis

Dr. George, Over 20 years ago, I walked into your office a terrified young woman after a dentist severed my nerves performing a procedure he had no business doing. Your gentle and kind nature allowed me to respect & trust you—something I didn’t think was possible anymore! I accepted a great job offer and have moved to South Lake Tahoe—feels like I am living in heaven here! I now have to find another dentist to earn my trust—this will be the tough part…Wanted to thank you for all the years of awesome care—you ARE one of the BEST DENTISTS. Keep playing hockey and truly live your life. Best wishes!!

Jennifer Mixsell