Most of us have heard before what items are not good for you to eat – candy, sodas, acidic foods, etc. However, you don’t often hear what foods are good for your teeth. As a San Diego family dentist, I proudly provide a list of some of the foods that are most beneficial to oral health.


Cheese has very low acidity and is low in carbs, but it is high in calcium and phosphate. This balance is perfect for maintaining the pH balance in the mouth, which is necessary to the preservation of an environment for healthy bacteria. The consumption of cheese also causes your mouth to produce excess saliva, which kills plaque-forming bacteria. And the calcium in cheese helps to protect and rebuild tooth enamel.


One of the most annoying parts of eating celery is how long it takes to chew, but this is also part of its greatest benefit. The prolonged chewing causes increased saliva production, which fights plaque-causing bacteria and is an important part of your body’s defense against cavities. The texture of celery also cleans the gums and teeth during chewing.


Salmon is great at protecting against periodontal disease. The Omega-3 oils in the fish prevent inflammation in the gums that can lead to periodontal disease and the oils have been found to have strong anti-bacterial effects.


Onions contain sulfur compounds that are antibacterial. The effects are most prominent when eaten raw, but for those of us that are unable to stomach raw onions, the dental benefits can still be collected through cooked onions.

Vitamin-C Packed Fruits

Vitamin-C plays a key role in the build-up of collagen in your gums, thus strengthening their defense against bacteria. Fruits like kiwis and oranges are packed with vitamin-C. Collagen-strong gums are less likely to be infected by periodontal disease.

I hope that this helps guide some of your future eating choices and provides you with extra resources for maintaining healthy teeth.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned ailments or are looking into cosmetic dentistry to help get your teeth to a healthier place please call or visit my San Diego, UTC dental office today. We look forward to helping you achieve your dental goals.