There are times when a tooth is so damaged or decayed that the only sensible solution is to use dental crowns. Dental crowns are caps that are set atop severely damaged or decayed teeth. When in place, the dental crown will protect the tooth from further harm, reduce any pain or sensitivity that a patient may have experienced due to the tooth, and provide a more aesthetically appealing appearance.

Dr. Georgaklis uses a procedure that is relatively simple for placing the dental crown. First the tooth must be carefully prepared for the dental crown. This means the removal of any decayed or damaged tooth structure. Once this is complete, an impression is made of the prepped tooth. This impression is sent to a dental lab, which will fashion the dental crown accordingly. A patient will wear a temporary dental crown until the permanent restoration is complete.

Once the permanent dental crown is received, Dr. Georgaklis will place the permanent restoration. He will make necessary adjustments to ensure that the crown fits properly and looks completely natural. We can use dental crowns in combination with other restorative dentistry options at our La Jolla practice if necessary.

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