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Family Dentist in San Diego Helps Teens Feel Confident


The middle school and high school years can be extremely stressful. Kids are under pressure to get good grades, get into college, and fit in with their peers. Then there are the personal challenges of physical development and self-esteem. The last thing kids need is to feel embarrassed about their teeth. Unfortunately, recent studies show [...]

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La Jolla Family Dentist Explains Dental Care for Babies


When your baby’s first teeth come in, you may be uncertain about the best way to protect his or her oral health. Actually, proper dental care begins before teeth even appear! Fortunately, your La Jolla family dentist can provide guidance from the time you are expecting your baby up through the teenage years. Additionally, while [...]

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Swish & Gargle: The Benefits of Mouthwash


Do you swish? Gargle? Irrigate your mouth with a bright blue or green liquid that makes you pucker? If mouthwash isn’t part of your dental hygiene routine, perhaps I can provide some compelling evidence for why it should be! It’s important to note that I called mouthwash a “part of” your hygiene. Don’t be fooled [...]

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Common Discoloration Causes in Teens


Most of us think of discoloration as a problem that only adults face. However, I see more and more teenagers seeking teeth whitening at my San Diego practice. Teen tooth discoloration is caused by 2 common scenarios and can easily be treated through cosmetic dentistry or avoided all together with a variety of preventative measures. […]

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Treat Your Teeth Right – Healthy Foods for the Mouth


Most of us have heard before what items are not good for you to eat – candy, sodas, acidic foods, etc. However, you don’t often hear what foods are good for your teeth. As a San Diego family dentist, I proudly provide a list of some of the foods that are most beneficial to oral health. [...]

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Prevention of White Spot Lesions in Orthodontics


As you might expect it is incredibly important to keep your teeth and mouth clean while having your teeth straightened with braces. As a San Diego orthodontist, a common problem that I see is the build up of decalcified enamel, which can appear to be a white spot lesion on the tooth. These lesions can be [...]

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