If you are expecting a child, you are doing everything you can to stay healthy and protect your unborn baby. While diet, exercise, and vitamins are important, don’t forget about your dental health. Pregnancy can affect your teeth in ways you may never have imagined. Conversely, your oral health and dental care can affect your child. Fortunately, Dr. Georgaklis, a top dentist in San Diego, can help you maintain your healthy smile during this time. He can also provide holistic treatment to protect your baby. Your La Jolla top dentist is always ready to answer your questions and help to guide you through this exciting time.

Pregnancy and Your Smile

As you well know, pregnancy causes significant hormone variations. These fluctuations can increase blood flow to your gums, leading to pregnancy gingivitis. When you are expecting, it is also harder for your body to fight off the oral bacteria that cause gingivitis. Your risks are especially high during your second trimester. Although gingivitis only causes mild to moderate inflammation, the condition can progress and develop into periodontitis (gum disease). In turn, gum disease can have many adverse risks for your baby. The bacteria can get into your blood stream, travelling to your uterus. Gum disease can significantly increase your chances of a premature delivery.

Because of the serious consequences of gum disease, it is important to be very proactive about your dental health when you are pregnant. Brushing and flossing is essential. You are probably watching your diet already, but you should be especially vigilant about sugar, since it is the primary source of energy for oral bacteria. Additionally, you should not neglect your visits to a top dentist in San Diego. He can monitor your oral health and remove the harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar that cause gum disease.

A La Jolla Top Dentist Can Protect Your Unborn Baby

It is important to schedule your routine cleanings and exams while pregnant. However, in most cases, you should not undergo elective treatment during this time. Nevertheless, if you experience a dental emergency, such as a cavity or cracked tooth, you can still receive the care you need. Dr. Georgaklis, your La Jolla top dentist, uses all-natural treatments to protect your oral-systemic health. He places metal-free restorations, which do not contain toxic mercury. With the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test, he can determine your body’s reaction to various materials, including latex, metals, and adhesives. As a top dentist in San Diego, he is extremely judicious when prescribing medication. He will take the utmost care to protect you and your unborn child, and he will never give you a medication that could put your baby at risk. Finally, Dr. Georgaklis is always ready to answer your questions about dental care during pregnancy. Once your baby is born, he will also guide you as you learn to care for your little one’s oral health.

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